Saturday, January 12, 2008

Long Delayed Next Step

At long last we got a day of sunshine and pleasant temperature and a day at home. I decided this was the day to apply the exterior coat to the Mexican restaurant dollhouse in progress.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that the plain wood stain I had intended for the woodwork (windows and door) would not do and purchased a turquoise paint for that purpose. (The vigas will not be turquoise.) This will be a colorful little building when I'm done.

Now, if the neighborhood dogs and kids will just stay away for a couple of hours while this dries in the side yard, we will be ready for the next step late this afternoon.

Speaking of neighborhood brats, Pogo spotted us out on our walk again this morning and was on us before I had time to get both my dogs scooped up out of reach. Mojo was safe, but Coco was desperately trying to get away from Pogo while I was desperately trying to get a good hold to pick her up. At some point Coco decided she had been hurt and was crying pitifully. I was not at all sure she wasn't injured until I had gotten her back to the house and took a careful look. Lucky for Pogo that she was just scared. Mommy's wrath would have ensued if her little girl had been bitten.

We've been avoiding that block, trying to forestall any more of these playful attacks. Sometimes your best efforts are to no avail and a wonderful walk turns into a moment of terror for the wee ones. But all is well and they are peacefully sleeping under the desk, safe and secure.


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