Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brrr, Grrr

Somebody up there must really have it in for me at the moment. Starting way back around the middle of December, we have been fighting central heat woes. The repairman has been out here multiple times to replace faulty pieces of equipment and every time we have heat for about 24 hours before it goes out again. Friday they replaced a really hunky piece at a hunky price and it worked fine until sometime in the middle of Saturday night and the damned thing went out again.

We went through this same issue about 2 years ago with the air conditioning side of the unit and now we have the heating side of the unit doing the same thing. It will turn out to be some itty bitty something that is causing the great big somethings to fail. By the time we finally hit the solution, I will have a new unit.

Not mentioning any names, but the next time I buy a new AC/heat unit, it will not have a name beginning with "L" and ending with "X". Piece of crap. Great big piece of crap.

You have no idea how much I do not want to have to call the repairman tomorrow morning and tell him we are still having problems. I think he's as sick of the thing as I am.

Oh, I haven't mentioned yet that the brand new sewer pump is also on the fritz. It works, but cuts on at the wrong time, which makes the alarm go off. It turned out that the latest bunch of pumps installed were faulty and they are in negotiations with the supplier to get a fix in. In the meantime, they have disconnected the beeper on the alarm and drive by periodically to make sure the light portion goes off when the pump catches up. At least this particular issue is now the problem of the water department and I don't have to do anything but sit back and watch.

Don't you just love the modern improvements we enjoy?


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