Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Way to Get Out of Participation

So, I'm typing this sans right thumb. Cuz that's the one I just tried to slice off with the food processor blade. I was about to make a batch of slaw for tomorrow's office Thanksgiving luncheon and the blade needed washing. I had it upside down as it turned out and when I stupidly ran my thumb along it, ouch. I've been dripping blood all over the kitchen for the past twenty minutes and I decided probably nobody would be interested in anything I prepared tonight. So much for feeling obligated to contribute to a meal where there would be more food than needed anyway.

It's nigh onto impossible to apply pressure to a thumb cut and open a Bandaid at the same time, you know? I finally managed to rip the dang Bandaid open with my teeth, squeeze a little Neosporin on and get the thing bandaged up enough to stop the flow of blood.

Just what I needed to start a nice long holiday. A sore thumb. On my right hand. The one that hammers. The one that paints. The one that cuts up things for cornbread dressing.

It's these momentary fits of stupidity that makes the world go round. A co-worker recently sliced between two fingers with a knife while trying to remove an avocado pit. I thought to myself at the time that I'm always careful doing that particular job, but I would be extra careful with sharp things in the kitchen after that grizzly story.

Right. Moral of the story is: When you really don't want to participate, just say so and don't. When you're too tired to deal safely with sharp objects, just don't. Being stupid is not the answer.


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