Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Downsized

One of the miniature projects I'm collecting for is a genealogy roombox. I have in mind for it to be an office scene and contain miniatures of the things with which I spend the majority of my free time. Like computers, notebooks, maps, history books and so on. I already have a little envelope full of miniaturized versions of my family photos, which I intend to have in frames and scattered about the room.

While I was in Dallas, I spotted a couple of dollhouse frames that reminded me of some real frames on my stairwell wall. These include my great-grandfather Elmo at the top and...

my grandmother Lucy's baby photo at the bottom. (You will notice a certain Mr. Mojo had to be an active participant in tonight's blog photos.)

The photo in the middle is an adopted ancestor. I purchased the frame in an antique store because it was a perfect match to the one holding my grandmother's picture. I had intended to use it for my great-grandfather's picture that had no frame at the time I acquired it. When I sat down to remove the photo that came with the frame, I just couldn't do it. I did check the back of the photo for any identifying marks and discovered one word written in pencil, "Duff". From that point on, "Aunt Duff" has been an unofficial member of the family. I kept browsing antique stores until I found a suitable frame for Elmo, one that did not come with a photo.

Tonight I experimented until I had copies of Elmo and Lucy in appropriate frames for my mini-scene to come.

I'm not compulsive about my miniatures. Not me. Should I mention that I am also intending to have a row of notebooks with my actual family names on the spines?


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MiniKat said...

You're not compulsive. You're a miniaturist. ;-)