Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Caught in the Act

Little brother and I are seldom both in town on Wednesdays, but today we were. So, we decided to meet for lunch at a little hole in the wall taco joint where the Wednesday special is shrimp tacos. It's always crowded, but today it was REALLY crowded. I held the table while he went to order and I caught him as he finally reached the counter.

On the way back to work, traffic was horrendous. Much more crowded than usual. I came very nearly getting hit by a clown who suddenly swerved in behind me just as I hit the brake to turn into a driveway. He is so very lucky he did not bump Big Red or there might very well have been hell to pay. I stopped in at my second favorite Half Price Books store to check on audiobooks and it was packed wall to wall.

I can't figure out what's going on today. Has everybody been hiding inside, fearful of politicians and their minions and today it was safe to get outside? Something has to explain the sudden activity.


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David said...

My first thought was, "Who is that good looking dude and how can he exude so much AWESOMEness simply ordering tacos?" Then I realized.