Thursday, November 27, 2008

Born to be Wild

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We had a quiet one at this end. Little brother came down for the day, so it was just the 7 of us - Mom, Gran, Uncle David, Boo, Scout, Coco and Mojo.

The wee ones love it when Uncle David comes down and they get the chance for a real walk in the woods. And yes, to answer that age-old question, Mojos do poop in the woods.

We luuvvv Uncle David

The boys lead the way. We girls stop and investigate interesting smells.

Mojo doesn't like it when Mom falls behind. "You coming?"

Back at the ranch, we decided to try out Uncle David's motorcycle.

Yep, born to be wild. That's us to a "T".



RMG said...

...But, if a Mojo were in the woods 50 miles from the nearest human, and he barked, would it make a sound?

LSW said...

When Mojo barks, everybody hears it. No doubt about it. He has hissy fits that are legendary. If Mom gets out of his sight or he's feeling neglected, he begins to howl and the roof raises about 2 inches. I'm sure the neighbors wonder if I beat dogs for a hobby.

RMG said...

Which one was David? The one on the right? :P

LSW said...

I guess it's been a little too long since he's been to a family gathering!

dwilcoxen said...

You know the one where I have my back to the camera and Mojo's looking at you...I'm not doing what it looks like I'm doing.