Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Project

I do not poke my nose out of the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am not suicidal and see no reason to try to negotiate any kind of retail establishment during the madness that is Black Friday.

So, today I tackled the dollhouse.



I played with some furniture placement to get some ideas on how I want to decorate and to help show off the lithographs. All in all, the assembly was fairly painless. The roof pieces gave me some grief, but I've definitely tackled worse. If somebody needed a dollhouse for a granddaughter by Christmas, this would be a good choice.

Now I can begin piddling with bed dressings and curtains and accessories and figuring out just what direction to take. In other words, the fun stuff.

And, of course, deciding on a name. Inn the Pink? The Pink Camellia?



RMG said...

No cats pictured...but we know they helped. How about "The house that Pepto Bismol built"?

LSW said...

I was watched closely from a nearby chair. I really wanted them to explore the thing so I could claim to have built a cat house, but they just wouldn't cooperate.

RMG said...

A cathouse... what next?!? :P
Hate to see the miniatures you'd put in that!

LSW said...

Actually, I saw a bordello in miniature once in a magazine. It brought in a lot of letters of protest, but I thought it was well done. Even had the tired floozy resting after a busy night. You would need a big brass bed and lots of red.