Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

A few weeks back I had a television kick the bucket and splurged on a new flat-panel, high-definition, 42-inch model. At the same time I replaced the smaller television in my bedroom with another, smaller, high-definition model. The improvement in the picture was nice, but I wasn't getting the full benefit of the high-definition since I was still using my original cable box. I just didn't have time to run over to Time-Warner and swap boxes, what with getting ready for vacation. And I kept putting it off.

Over the past weekend we had a nasty thunderstorm approaching and, not wanting to take the chance on losing brand new television sets, I unplugged them and the cable boxes before I went to bed. The next morning, one of the cable boxes had expired. The chore of driving down to the main office and standing in line could no longer be postponed. So, as of Monday night, I crossed into the valley of high-definition viewing.

I have to say, it does make a big difference. Today was the first time I actually sat down to watch something filmed in HD, a nature program on the Discovery Channel called Sunrise Earth. Wowie. The picture was beautifully clear, with crisp, bright colors. One doesn't miss what one has not had, but I now know what I've been missing.

One of the segments involved hot-air balloons floating over a lake and the resultant reflections made me ache to be there. I had just about given up my idea of someday riding in a hot-air balloon in the Rocky Mountains. I think that just may have to go back on my list of things to do before I get too old.

High-definition TV. Next best thing to being there.


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