Wednesday, April 09, 2008

False Start

Well, I was almost on the road again this morning. I was scheduled to leave the house at 5:45 a.m. to catch an early flight to Nashville. But American Airlines canceled hundreds of flights today for maintenance issues, so here I sit. The vacation has been delayed 24 hours; tomorrow, American Airlines willing, we will be off and running.

This may work out for the best. I was exhausted from getting ready to depart and now I can nap this afternoon and be a little more ready for the adventure. This year we are exploring the Deep South. From Nashville we will travel to Alabama, with banjoes on our knees, and I will have the opportunity to visit the grave of my ggg-grandfather Henry Lentz, a veteran of the Revolutionary War. I will get to see the land in Lauderdale County where my gggg-grandfather Joseph Huddleston lived before moving his family to Arkansas. We will move on to Tennessee and visit the haunted battlefield of Shiloh, where gg-granduncle Charles McAfee, a Union soldier, was captured in battle. We will drive through the little town of Linden, Tennessee, where gg-grandfather Jeff Frankum was born. We will journey on to Marion, Kentucky, and visit the graves of ggg-grandfather John Hodge and gggg-grandparents Elisha and Frances Reese. We will be communing with the spirits of the ancestors, which is what we enjoy most about these ancestral tours.

For once, I won't be subject to teasing about my thick southern accent. I plan to eat grits at breakfast, drink me some Kentucky bourbon, and say "y'all" a lot. By the time I get home, I may be drenched in magnolia scented perfume.

I'm ready to hit the road. The spirits are calling me back to Dixie.


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