Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had every intention of posting on St. Patrick's Day, but time ran out. So, today I will mention that I'm proud to be part Irish through my Hughes and Dunavan lines at the least and there's probably some more as yet unidentified.

Sometimes I wonder about genetic memory. I have a real fondness for Celtic music. On St. Patrick's Day I usually listen to Silly Wizard or Clannad while commuting. Or the Chieftains. They recently put out two great albums of Celtic/Bluegrass mix. My feet will get tapping and the itch to do a jig is almost overpowering. I think it's the Irish in me, making its presence felt.

Plus, I like to sleep cuddled up to the dogs. That has to be an Irish trait.

I loved the BBC series Ballykissangel.

I like potatoes. (That they are high in carbs and are now generally avoided is killing my soul.)

I like green.

Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach. (Translation: Kiss me, I'm Irish. Little known fact - I once upon a time bought a set of Gaelic language tapes, hoping that I could learn to speak a few phrases. I wish I could say it worked, but it's a tough language to learn.)

If you don't have a wee bit of the Irish in your blood, I am so very sorry for you.


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