Thursday, March 06, 2008

From the Family Archives

One of those chores that I would prefer to spend my time on, rather than scrubbing grime off dishwashers, is the sorting, scanning and sharing of the photos I acquired from my Cousin Jo a few months ago. I'm still finding unexpected treasures in the collection. Like the photo above.

One of the new treasures is the funeral registry book from my great-grandmother Cora Mobley Hodge's funeral. I was looking through it again a few days ago and discovered this photo tucked inside an envelope intended to hold floral tribute cards. I knew some of the people, but wasn't quite sure of all of them. Today I got the confirmation back from a cousin who lives in North Carolina.

From left to right are siblings George Rice Mobley, Sallie Mobley Fariss, William Franklin Mobley, Cora Amanda Mobley Hodge, and John Morgan Mobley. They are 5 of the 7 children of Joseph and Mary Caroline (Morgan) Mobley and the photo was taken in 1939. Brother Thomas had passed away in 1928 and eldest brother Richard is absent from this group shot.

Fine looking bunch of kids.


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