Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Break in Routine

Today I decided I would do something different. Different as in not sitting at my desk working on genealogy or trying to win the final level of Luxor. I started off by moving the plants back outside from the garage where they have been wintering. It may be premature and I may be hustling them back inside in a day or two, but the warm weather was too tempting.

I've begun disassembling the makeshift protection for the plants that stayed on the back deck (the ones too heavy to be hauling around to the far side of the house) and was stymied by a chameleon who was sunbathing on the tarp and just blinked lazily at me when I suggested he move along. Who am I to argue with a sun-worshipper? I'll go back to that tomorrow.

About 2 o'clock, I suggested to Mother that we take a ride in the country. I wanted to return to the Hog Eye Cemetery and swipe some of those iris bulbs I had spotted there. I figured from there we would hit a couple of cemeteries and take some volunteer photos for FindaGrave. It's quite a production for us to take an afternoon ride and I was almost tuckered out by the time I had loaded Mother in, her wheelchair in, and the dogs inside their carriers on the back seat. We finally got on our way and we made our first stop the Bastrop Sonic for a bit of lunch. The dogs were enchanted with the idea they could have food brought to the car. It was news to them.

Having finished lunch, we headed out 969, the Lower Elgin Road and up to the cemetery. I parked on the side road this time, so as to not attract attention. As quickly as I could, lest someone see me digging in a cemetery and report me for grave-robbing, I dug up a dozen or so bulbs. After we left and were about 10 minutes down the road, Mother mentioned having observed a monster snakeskin in the brush beside the road where I had parked. I'm glad she didn't tell me earlier or I might not have gone through with my plans.

We went on into Elgin and then swung east on Highway 290 and headed toward McDade. Turning onto FM696, we drove through Butler, headed toward an unknown cemetery in Blue. We got to see the Knobs clearly as we approached the little community. I was relieved to discover that the little cemetery was identified with a sign on the highway, making it very easy to find. I got the requested photos and then we headed out to our next stop at McDade cemetery.

Once again I surprised myself with how quickly I focused in on the grave I was seeking. I'm either a little psychic or my spirit guide kicks into action on these grave photo quests. It took less than 5 minutes for me to find and take the photos. The dogs got out and helped me, since I was expecting a longer walk than it turned out to be. To give them a little more of an outing, we visited our own family graves there.

From McDade we cut across country via FM2336, stopped to see the new fencing at the Oak Hill Cemetery, and then it was back to Bastrop. I decided to drive through Fairview Cemetery in Bastrop and look for new graves in an attempt to find out where an acquaintance who recently died was buried. Again, it took less than 5 minutes for us to locate his grave.

We got back home after about a 3-hour ramble. I love these rambles in the country looking for cemeteries and taking volunteer photos. I was surprised at how well Mother stood up to the unusual activity. Of course we were driving all over her former stomping grounds and that kept her interested. I sense that she will be easier to get off to bed tonight. The dogs came in and crashed on their bed under the desk.

We all needed a break in routine. Good day.


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