Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Travels With Xana

We've entered elder care with Xana, who has developed renal failure over the last few months. That's the bad news. The good news is that we have some things to try that should relieve the symptoms for awhile. We started her new medicine last night. (Market hint - animal pharmaceuticals. Hot, hot, hot.) And this morning I got a lesson in how to give her subcutaneous fluids once a week. I still have not had to personally put the needle in, but I've already seen the benefits and will force myself to do this little task weekly.

She was an excellent patient this morning, not complaining and not flinching when the needle came. She was also delighted that that was it this morning. No blood tests, no physical, and it was over and done with inside of 15 minutes. We decided to celebrate with taking the long way home, down FM1704 to FM969 to FM1209 to Hwy 71. My choice was directly influenced by the fact that I wanted a latte in the worse way and the best local coffee joint is on Hwy 71 and FM1209.

Xana settled back against me and watched the country slide by and really came to life when we turned into the drive through at Coffee Dog. She and Bebop used to make the hamburger run regularly and she knows that good things happen at drive throughs. And she got lucky before I did. They met us at the window with a milk bone for her. And then they made me a wonderful vanilla latte. We were both happy when we left.

I decided to bounce across the highway to the Cedar Creek branch of the bank and make a deposit there. Xana picked up another milk bone at that drive through. She was a warm bundle of contentment from there back to the house, where she proceeded to lord it over the two little ones. She got a ride with Mom and two stops for milk bones and a chance to flout her superiority over the lower class dogs. A little needle stick was a small price to pay for those perks.

Next week will determine whether or not she will tolerate her treatment from Mom. This week life is good.


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