Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sometimes I Forget

For all that we are rapidly approaching the second birthdays for a couple of little dogs, there is still a lot of baby in them.

A couple of weeks ago I rearranged the bedroom. The antique dresser with oval mirror ended up on a different wall and was pressed into (temporary) service as a TV stand. This was two weeks ago, mind you.

Tonight we headed upstairs and I set up my laptop on the desk to do a little work. I helped all the dogs up onto the bed so they could go ahead and start sleeping off their suppers. Out of the blue Mojo spotted a strange dog across the room.

You guessed it. He had spotted himself in the mirror. He was royally spooked at his discovery. He wouldn't even stay in the bedroom when I went downstairs for a minute. I finally had to lift him up and let him lean over and smell that other dog before he accepted that there was nothing to worry about.

He's not 100% convinced yet. It may be a long evening.


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