Friday, February 02, 2007

Hot Friday Night Date

I'm just funnin' you. I spent my Friday evening sitting in a bay at the ER in Smithville. I can think of a lot of ways to spend a Friday evening that is way more enjoyable.

And the bottom line was that we did not have an emergency. Nothing like spending four hours sitting in a bay in an ER and then finding out that there was nothing of which to be concerned.

The bad news is that Mother still has the mysterious rash that provoked the trip and no idea what has caused it. The good news is that they coughed up an IV drip of antihistimine, so maybe it will send that little old rash packing.

I've spent several evenings in the ER in Smithville and usually it has ended with a hospital stay of a few days. This time we got to take ourselves home where we jumped on the poor overcooked roast that had been sitting in the crockpot all day like it was Cordon Bleu. I finally had Mother in bed around 9PM and then all the dogs and cats piled on me, relieved that their world was back to normal.

For once, the time spent sitting and waiting was not so bad. I had just loaded my mp3 player with about twelve podcasts from Genealogy on Demand and I used the time to catch up on the news in the genealogy world. I also ran into an old family friend who was spending her evening in the ER due to a fall. And there were no emergencies involving mangled bodies, so the ER was relatively calm.

So it could have been worse. I could have been stuck in a restaurant with some boring date who spent the evening talking about the Super Bowl.


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