Wednesday, February 14, 2007

DaVinci Was Right

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."-Da Vinci

That's the quote for the day. It comes from a web site that I will give the link for in a minute, but first a few comments on the two masterpieces that live with me. Every day I grow fonder of the little rapscallions. They are two bundles of perpetual energy and they are smart. This morning I watched them having a game of kitty soccer, using one of the jingle balls they got for Christmas. It was every bit as good as anything you will see on television and even had a half-time show.

I unearthed an old cat toy from the garage over the past weekend. It's a double ring of plastic, joined in the center and with open sides. A ball rolls around on the inside and there are slots and holes for the cat to reach in and attempt to grab the ball. There is also a center area that is completely open and Boo uses this center hole to grab the thing and flip it over. They will play this toy all over the house.

During this morning's soccer game, I saw Boo get the idea to add the jingle ball to the other ball in the cat toy. He grabbed the jingle ball and carried it over and very carefully placed it in the center hole. May not sound like it from the description, but take my word for it, this is a smart cat. I can see the wheels spinning in his head long before he makes his move. And Scout is no slacker either.

A couple of nights ago Scout managed to get closed up in Mother's closet. She was being fairly calm about letting someone know she was in trouble, giving steady but sedate miaows to help me locate her. When she was freed from her temporary prison, she followed me for a good ten minutes, rubbing my legs and letting me know she appreciated my efforts. Gratitude from a cat has to show intelligence.

Now on to a really smart cat. Follow the link to see Nora the Piano Playing Cat. There's a YouTube video to watch not very far down the page. I've had cats that have done some noodling on the piano, but this cat has talent.


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