Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad Kharma

This has been one of THOSE days. My stars are definitely out of alignment. My mojo is kaput.

First of all, we started off with an early morning appointment with the DR. FROM HELL. I've written about this before. I swear the woman is either completely incompetent or loves to prove her importance to the world by making everyone else's life miserable. We arrived 15 minutes early and then sat for an hour and a half before we got in to an exam room and then spent 45 minutes (mostly by ourselves) there. And then sat another 20 minutes in the waiting room while she wrote up her notes and finally got our new prescriptions ready. And then BLOODY HELL they were training some new receptionist who couldn't find her butt with a map and both hands and we sat another 15 minutes before we got back to get blood drawn and FINALLY 3 HOURS AFTER WE ARRIVED we escaped. Whole morning shot completely to hell and my desk stacked up to the rafters with work that should have been done a week ago.

Work. Grr. The last two weeks have been an unending succession of bad data. Programs that have been stable are getting punched in the gut and having to be repaired. Which is why the pile on my desk is about to touch the ceiling. I'm beginning to despair that we will ever catch up.

The heathen cats are tearing the house down. I lay down a magazine and I come back to a stack of confetti. They are shredding the curtain sheers in Mother's bedroom. They empty the wastebasket in the bathroom and claw holes in the bathroom tissue. I've had to shut them out of the guest room because they've torn holes in the new stool that goes with the electronic keyboard. They have turned over the boxes of miniatures, eaten holes in miniature flooring, and unmade the guest bed. It's like living with two Tazmanian devils.

So, if you happen across a good luck charm, send it my way. I could use it.


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