Sunday, February 04, 2007

Alternate Entertainment

So the entire world is watching the Super Bowl tonight, I suppose. Since I have no interest in sports whatsoever, it wasn't until late Friday that I even knew who was playing. Not that I give a darn, but I was being polite in a conversation with someone who does.

My get up and go departed along about 11PM on Friday night and hasn't shown its face since. I've not been sleeping well for about two weeks and that, coupled with the 4 hour odyssey at the ER on Friday night, has finally caught up with me. I've spent most of the day parked on the couch, flanked by two dogs, and sorting family data that needs to be organized before I hit the genealogy trail in April. It didn't take me long this morning to realize that the Super Bowl extravaganza was going to dominate the tv today.

So I spent a few hours watching some old JAG episodes that I had accumulated on the DVR. After about three of those, I was ready for something different. So I watched a couple of episodes of What Not to Wear on TLC, but I've seen most of those so it did not take me long to get bored there. Then I stumbled across a Paula's Party marathon on the Food Network and that's where I've spent most of the afternoon. Nothing like watching a Southern cook at work on food that isn't even in the same universe as the stuff I'm allowed on my diet. Like Pear Crisp and Doughnut Bread Pudding. I can feel my blood sugar on the rise just watching. But if I can't cook sweets myself, the next best thing is to watch someone else do it. And I've even picked up a couple of recipes that I can actually try for things like Beef Bourbon Y'all.

Before I go pick up another folder of family data to sort and input into the computer and before Paula starts on the next episode which is all about butter, butter, butter, here are my handy dandy tips for the day. These you will probably never hear from Martha.

1. If you need to strain off liquid from a pot and you don't have a strainer, grab that flat grater. Fits up against the pot and works like a champ.

2. If you have arthitis or a cripped finger from a cat bite and you are trying to open the itty bitty bottle of wine to add to your stew, go get the pliers out of the toolbox in the garage. Wonderful kitchen aid.

3. If you drop a lot of stuff when you're preparing food, like I do, get a couple of rat terriers. Nothing ever hits the ground. And you have company while you're cooking.

Time to go taste the stew and grab that next folder and turn the dogs so they don't get couch sores. Super Bowl, pooh.


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