Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Brain Scatterings

Random things brightening my week...

Last night I went a couple of houses down the street for a neighborhood meeting and I was greeted at the door by a 3 month old toy poodle who caused me to wish longingly for a new baby in the house.  She tore around the room, deliriously happy that so many new folks had come to see her, and was literally bouncing off the walls, the furniture, and anybody who happened to be standing near.  I managed to get her to sit with me for a little while when I offered to play tug of war with her chew toy and we had a grand time together before she got distracted by something across the room and went barreling off on a new adventure.  Eventually her hyper excitement got her banished to the bedroom while the adults met, but it was so much fun to have the chance to play with a puppy.  It's been a long time.   Maybe Mojo needs a baby brother....

I have finally gotten my genealogy groove back.  About 6 months or so ago I embarked on a massive updating project to get everything I had randomly scribbled into my family notebooks transferred to the computer.  I'm close to getting that finished.  I've got 35 notebooks done and 10 to go.  The bad news is that about half of the 10 left are Hodge material and it's going to be a job thanks to rascally Dr. Hodge and all his court records that need to be transcribed. 

The good news is that I really, really like my new genealogy program (Reunion) and the reports it churns out on command.  I've got two get-togethers coming soon with various Mobleys, and I have spent some time this week getting the 3 Mobley and 1 Morgan notebooks overhauled so I don't have to feel embarrassed to show people "my stuff".  Everything is going into sheet protectors (partly to protect from over-handling, partly to prevent me from scribbling into notebooks rather than entering into databases as new information surfaces).  Just to point out the job it is, I went through 400 sheet protectors with those 4 notebooks and ran out just before I had finished with the Morgans.  If I average 100 sheet protectors per notebook, I'm going to be heavily invested in sheet protectors by the time I make it through 45 notebooks.  

My new mantra:  "One notebook at a time".  I am very pleased with the results of my months of labor and I'm getting itchy to get back to researching.  I have a wall of books I haven't had time to work with yet and I have some new information surfacing thanks to my having put a bare bones family tree into Ancestry that is causing new records to come flying at me from their matching routines and for the first time in a couple of years, I'm excited about getting back on the hunt.

I went out to the office supply store at lunch today to lay in another 600 sheet protectors and decided to swing by for a few groceries.  (Grocery buying does not brighten my week.)  As I was putting my groceries into the back of the car and muttering under my breath about the idiot way the clerk had packed my bags, a clean cut young man said "Aren't you Ms. Wilcoxen?".  My first thought was that a former student had mistaken me for Mother.  But he looked familiar and I suddenly realized that it was my car salesman from 8 months ago.  I spent 4 hours with him 8 months ago and he remembered my face and my name.  Speaking as someone who plays wallflower so well that most people forget me within minutes, it was a pleasant surprise.  I do like the folks at that dealership.

I have a new batch of sweet basil plants.  If at first and second you don't succeed, try, try again.  I'm pondering ways to keep my Italian possum/lizard/bluejay/whatever from spoiling another crop.  Mental exercise keeps you young.  So does sparring with a worthy opponent.

Hopefully the remainder of the week will continue to give me good vibes.  Beginning today, I have an appointment somewhere every day through Sunday.  Crossing my fingers that I don't get rained out of anything (not complaining about the rain, just could use a bit less intensity).