Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wrapping Up Unfinished Projects

It can take me awhile, but sometimes I actually finish projects on hold.

Yesterday David, Karen and I went to Sherwood Forest Faire, a fledgling renaissance festival that is in its third year at a location between McDade and Paige. They are doubling in size every year and this year have reached the point where you can't see everything in a long afternoon. They have all the features of their big sibling, the Texas Renaissance Festival, but are still small enough that you don't get claustrophobic from huge crowds.

Last year I was delighted to discover a booth that sold little dollhouse sized dolls with a fantasy air. The artisan also fabricates fairy houses from gravevine wreaths, birdcages, birdhouses and odds and ends. I immediately grabbed one of the fairies last year, but could not make up my mind to purchase a fairy house. After all, I make houses myself and I thought I might like to fashion my own. At the last minute, on the way out that afternoon, I decided I should go ahead and get the fairy house I had my eye on, but I had procrastinated too long and it had sold out from under me.

Over the course of the year, I purchased odds and ends with the idea of making my own fairy house and I never could find the exactly right materials and it never got made. This year when we headed out to the faire, I decided that if I saw a fairy house that I liked, I was not going to hesitate. I had not been in the store 5 minutes before I had zeroed in on the fairy house that would come home with me.

The fairy houses are about 90% natural materials, with a few little commercial items thrown in for effect. This house started with a round gazebo-type structure and has been covered with ferns, dried flowers, seeds and mushrooms, has a table fashioned from the bottom of a pine cone and is decorated with a few miniatures like a mirror for fairy-gazing, a mini candle and some fairy snacks.

The little fairy who came home with me last year took up residence immediately, lounging in the soft moss and preparing to take an afternoon nap in her wooded bower. The project won't be truly finished until I find an acrylic box large enough to hold the entire thing and keep it safe from marauding cats, but it feels satisfying to get Tatiana a home at last.

It would have been nice if I had stopped there, but I ended up purchasing another of the little dolls, this time a lady pirate. I just couldn't resist and now I'm contemplating what kind of scene I need to create for her.

Another project has been on hold since last year's faire. Last year I was taken with the shimmery,ruffled skirts sold by one of the merchants. I was not taken with the blouses they offered and managed to convince myself that I would be able to find a blouse elsewhere to complete the outfit. Despite my best efforts, it is hard to find an appropriate modern blouse to partner with a renaissance styled skirt and the skirt had hung in the closet untouched. This year I marched into the booth and bought a blouse and sash to complete the outfit. Next year I can deck myself out in appropriate attire for the faire. (If I can find some comfortable shoes that will look right.)

In other quarters, the knitting resolution is still intact. I finished March's project, a soft cowl that is plenty big enough to be pulled up over the head to block cold air. It is very warm and very soft and I look forward to putting it to use next winter.

Three half-finished projects moved off the to-do list. But then, I have a new pirate lady who needs a home and I've already started another scarf. There is a shawl about to move onto the needles. Three things checked off and three things moving into their places on the unfinished projects list.

Oh, well. It keeps me out of trouble.


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