Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Poetry

Yes, Spring is my favorite time of year.

Spring, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee because of the temperate weather that enables my brain to finally thaw and begin functioning again.

I love thee because the mosquitoes have not yet had time to breed and I can spend some time out of doors, at least until the first of the Spring rains comes along.

I especially love thee because I know that in just a few days I will begin seeing bluebonnets and paint brushes popping up for my enjoyment as I commute to and from work. God was having an especially good day the day he created Texas wildflowers.

I love thee because of the variety of birds that appear outside my window to partake of the offerings I put in the feeders on the deck.

I even love thee because of the little flirty squirrel that has set his life goal to the emptying of those feeders before the birds get a chance. He provides raucous laughing that is good for the soul.

But Spring is not without its trials and tribulations.

I do not love thee for the powdery yellow stuff that is floating through the air from the pine trees that surround my home.

I do not love thee for the other yellow stuff that is about to explode from the cedar tree beside the deck.

Spring brings new life to the soul and to the body. But it also brings sneeze attacks and watery eyes.

There is always antihistimines to deal with the cons.

The balance is definitely heavily weighted toward the pros.

For what is a sneeze or two in comparison with the anticipation of things to come?


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