Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Makes an Early Delivery

Got up this morning and guess what I found under my Christmas tree?

Santa's elves did an outstanding job assembling the Adirondack Cabin Kit I purchased many, many years ago. I made a half-hearted stab at building this little cabin way back when and was horrified by the instructions to cut the pile of individual logs into the appropriate lengths to make staggered edges at the corners. I have killed two scroll saws in my time, but the prospect of all those logs to cut just boggled my crafty mind. I stuffed everything back into the box and put it on the long-range project list.

From time to time I would encounter one of these kits fully assembled in a store and remind myself of the hidden treasure sitting in my garage and then shudder again at the idea of all those logs to cut.

So, when a friend offered to take on the project, I jumped at the chance. I have a seriously intense desire to own a full-size log cabin for my retirement years, but I know that is probably never going to happen, so having a miniature is the next best thing.

I am tickled at the results and eager to begin the painting and finishing phases.

The challenge now is what or who will move into the new dollhouse? I had originally planned for it to be a mountain getaway or bed & breakfast, but I'm not sure. Maybe an Appalachian crafts center? Maybe an early Texas family cabin? (Although it really would need a dogtrot to make that picture authentic.)

Christmas vacation is coming up. Maybe I will spend a few days painting log cabins and churches and completing the Mexican restaurant.

So many little time to work on them. I really need to retire!


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Sheree said...

How awesome! I just love log cabins...there are quite a few up here in Ruidoso. Can't wait to see what you make with this project!