Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Vacation 2010, Days 4 thru 6

Once we got home from our long day of antiquing, we staggered into the house and collapsed. I had made spaghetti sauce the night before, when I still had some steam left in me, and while I got ready to assemble the spaghetti, Suzanne made a salad. I had a box of frozen cheeze toast and got that ready to pop in the oven.

I had remembered to get everything we needed. Except the spaghetti.

I usually have 4 or 5 boxes of spaghetti on hand and all I could find was a piece of a box. We held a conference and decided it was not going to be enough and we would have to make a dash to the store. We also had a meeting of the minds and decided as long as we were going to be out, we might as well pick up a bottle of wine to go with our spaghetti. Lana had been telling us about a wine she had discovered that she said would be great with spaghetti. Before you could say "Gewurztraminer" (the category of wine she recommended), the three of us piled back into the car and headed off for a quick stop at HEB for spaghetti and then a not so quick stop at Spec's for wine.

To make a long story short, after much deliberation and the assistance of a knowledgeable clerk, we each bought a bottle of wine and made a bee-line for home. It wasn't long before we were sitting down to our spaghetti, salad, toast and wine. We were soon replete with food and still working on the wine.

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as the rare opportunity to gather a group of long-time girl friends in a quiet retreat for a nice long chat about life. We were happily tired from our long rambling day, our stomachs were content from good food, our mood was mellowed by the good wine and we sat and talked long into the night. Conversation was followed by a good night's sleep.

Friday morning we were finding it hard to bring our visit to a close and we decided to have one last antique ramble before we said our goodbyes. We piled in our respective cars and formed a caravan to the Elgin Antique Mall. We spent another couple of hours exploring there and both Lana and I indulged in one more purchase each. She acquired another child's miniature in the Jewel Tea china pattern and I found a child's miniature pottery crock in a style that complements my collection of McDade pottery. We finally parted company about noon and went our separate ways, after declaring our intentions of regrouping for another go at the Round Top Fair next year.

When I got back home, I could feel the fatigue beginning to set in, so after walking the dogs, they and I all piled back into bed and spent the remainder of the day reading, watching tv and periodically dozing off.

On Saturday, I spent the majority of the day trying to convince myself I should get up and do something productive and failing miserably. Aside from a brief spurt of energy late in the day when I mowed the yard, I decided it would be a good idea to rest up.

Because I had a date for a last day of fun and frivolity on Sunday.


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