Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now Where Were We?

For two weeks it seemed like my brain shut completely down. I'm mostly blaming allergies for that. With elm pollen and oak pollen and pine pollen floating heavily around me, I became something of a zombie moving slowly and dreamily through life. I hate taking medicine, so I put off doing anything about it with the idea that I could beat the mess with mind over matter. Forget that I have 5 decades behind me to prove that doesn't work. Every year I try to tough it out again. I finally caved and started taking some antihistimine and slowly began to come back to life.

Just in time, too, because I had a date with a group of cousins on my Mobley side of the family that were due to arrive in town for the great cemetery tour. Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Cousin Pat and her late husband Al and taking them around to visit the family graves in the area. She was headed back to Texas to meet up with a group of her nieces and nephews who were coming in from all parts of the country for the occasion. She got in touch and asked if I would escort them around and I gladly signed on.

It was quite a day. Our initial group of 10 relatives visited the museum and a couple of the cemeteries on our list, then ate at Maxine's on Main Street. After lunch, the non-genealogists and the younger members of the group split off in favor of shopping and Pat, John, Mimi and I continued on the Mobley history tour. In all we hit 9 cemeteries in 5 hours, explored some back roads where the Mobleys and Wunneburgers owned property in the early 1900s and made a stop in McDade to see the house where our joint great-great-grandparents lived in their last years. Along the way we talked Mobley family history, shared family stories, looked at a lot of photos and in general enjoyed getting to know each other.

Pat and nephew John at our last stop in Red Rock

On the last leg of our tour, I had the great fun of having cousin Pat to myself as we drove from Bastrop to Red Rock. She answered all of my questions without hesitation and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Pat and me at the end of the day

Barely had the great Mobley history tour ended when it was time to get busy with the final preparations for Mother's memorial service. It was held last Sunday at the old refectory building in Bastrop State Park and it turned out to be a perfect setting and a day of perfect weather. We were joined by many old friends, family members and a few surprise guests from Mother's early years. In all, it turned out to be a beautiful service. I think she would have been pleased.

Mother's urn was made by her daughter-in-law, Karen

With the memorial service behind us and the antihistimines finally taking effect, it was time to rest. I had wisely scheduled my usual week of Spring vacation to follow closely behind the memorial service and the first day was yesterday.

Little brother decided yesterday was a good day for a meandering motorcycle ride, and he started off with a stop at our house to help me correct a small problem with my computer so I could continue with my current project of making application for membership in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. That accomplished, we decided to check out the Green Chai Cafe and both of us were very pleased with their fare. After lunch I talked him into going with me to one of the cemeteries I had visited last week with the intention of liberating a few crowded iris bulbs and giving them a new home at my house.

The cemetery just happened to be across from a green pasture full of budding oak trees and sleek cattle. We spent a few extra minutes trying to coax them toward us for photo ops. Most were unimpressed with the idea and continued on with the business of munching the sweet grass.

But one of the babies was curious enough to let me get close enough to get a few pictures. He just couldn't figure out what in the Sam Hill I was doing.

It was the perfect start to a week that should prove to be restful and entertaining. We had a nice drive out Highway 21 which is lined with pine trees and just beginning to develop patches of Texas spring wildflowers. We got to visit with some beautiful cattle and I brought home a dozen or so iris bulbs that were transplanted in my yard before the day was out.

Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to the vet for a quick checkup and then to Luling to retrieve a record I need for my application. I can't wait to see their reaction when we pull into Luling. I don't think they have ever been exposed to the smell of oil. We may just have to stop and get some barbecue for lunch while we are there.

Later this week two friends are spending a couple of nights with me and we have some activities planned that should provide some entertaining stories for another day. This is a week of some much needed R&R. Ready, set, go!


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