Tuesday, February 23, 2010

High Tech Kitties

Since we have just gone through a urinary infection with Boo cat (he's feeling very much better, thank you), I got the idea of checking out Pet Smart for the current options in cat fountains. Cats prefer fresh, moving water over the boring bowl of water on the floor and will sometimes drink more water if they have a fountain. The vet had warned me that Boo needed to drink more water if I could figure out a way to get him to do so. It would keep things moving, so to speak, and help reduce the build up of crystals in his urinary tract.

I had tried a cheap cat fountain some years back and, while the cats did like it very much, it did not hold up well to the attentions of my heathens of that period. I decided to take my one remaining gift card from Christmas and apply it toward the best cat fountain I could find. That turned out to be the Drinkwell Platinum. I hauled it out of the box this morning and, with intense scrutiny and supervision by the 3 fur balls, got it up and running.

It was met with curious suspicion...

"Me try it? Why don't you try it?"

"Well, it smells like water..."

"And it feels like water...."


In about 15 minutes, all three were drinking from the spout and enjoying their private water source. We'll see how long it takes them to destroy it.



Bettye said...

You can also get cat food that has the chemicals in it to help prevent urinary problems according to the label.

RMG said...

...silly cats, that's a bidet...

Victoria said...

We used to have a cat who would ONLY drink out of a running sink, usually Shelly's sink as he was trying to get ready. He would grumble and groan as she got in his way, but if she happened to not be there, he would call her over. Big softy!