Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Relief

No, it's still hot as hades down here. There's been no relief in that regard.

However, in the matter of the ankle biting, I am catching a few breaks. You see, Dixie has discovered the kitty tower. It has lots of soft things to knead and lots of sisal covered posts with which to sharpen her claws. Plus, she discovered that's where the big cat food has been hiding. Yum.

And sometimes she spreads her devilish torment around. This morning Boo thought he had found a good safe vantage point, but alas, his tail kept drooping over the side and Dixie was having a grand time chasing it.
Each day she gets a little stronger and more active. She's blossoming into a normal kitten and has almost forgotten the scary day(s) she spent out at the cemetery. She is convinced she hit the cat lotto. Little does she know. Her life took a dramatic turn that day. She can look forward to a long life of being spoiled rotten.

I took the vet's estimation of her age and counted back and discovered that she was more than likely born the week of my birthday, so we are going to share birthdays. It also explains a lot. She's an Aries. Three female Aries in the same house (Coco is one, too). Lots of stubborn know-it-all leadership qualities floating around.

Consider yourselves warned.


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