Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Perks of Working at Home

Getting to work at home one day a week goes a long way toward keeping me sane. Yes, I have to put up with the hazards of getting my ankles shredded by Dixie, but I also get to listen to dog snores wafting up from their bed under the desk. I get to stay in my jammies all day if I want. I watch the neighbors walk by on their morning constitutionals. On my coffee break I can watch the feeding frenzy at the birdfeeders.

And this morning I was watching the roadrunner busy in the front yard outside my office window. He was zipping back and forth, grazing on whatever bugs they eat. I decided to go out and try for some new pictures just as he headed for the water bowls I keep filled under the tree so my birds and squirrels can find a drink. He let me get fairly close to him as he slurped up water.

When I got a little too close for his comfort, he just jumped up into the branches of the bush that shades the water bowls and gave me a good looking over. I guess he decided I was okay because he let me get several shots of him roosting there.

He's quite a charmer.


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