Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Man Eating Cat

Help. We are being held captive by a vicious feline.

It was interesting this past weekend. Uncle David and Aunt Karen came for a visit to meet Dixie, fully expecting to need protective gear to deal with the little hellion. Wouldn't you know it? Dixie retired into corners and slept all day. There were no sneak attacks on Boo and Scout. There was no chewing of Mommy's ankles. She kept to herself and acted like a shy, retiring wall flower.

Until they left. Once they were out the door and part way down the street, the bob cat re-emerged and made up for lost time. We've been jumped on, chewed on and generally cat-mangled ever since. This morning she woke me up at 3:30 wanting to rumble. She got herself ejected from the bedroom for that stunt. She torments me constantly when I'm sitting at my desk, either climbing up on the desk and attacking my fingers as I type or prowling in the wastebasket or sinking her sharp little needle claws in my foot. The background is full of hisses and yowls from Boo and Scout, protesting her constant pestering.

I think I'm sunk. The little squirt is not going to risk witnesses to her devilment. No one is going to believe that we are under constant attack. Help.



Bettye said...

Maybe there was a reason for her being abandoned in the cemetary???

LSW said...

The thought has occurred to me.

If it weren't for her sweet attacks which are as exuberant as her mean attacks, I would be pulling my hair out.

I think maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to live with a healthy kitten.