Friday, July 03, 2009

Had Enough Yet?

I don't know what we did for entertainment b.d. (before Dixie). Little stinker keeps us laughing and shaking our heads at her antics. This morning I was around the corner and heard a clinking sound from the direction of the living room. I figured one of the dogs was investigating the bowl that had contained my breakfast and that I had foolishly left sitting on the table next to the couch.

What I saw when I rounded the corner made me laugh out loud. The following picture was taken a few minutes afterwards. My first glimpse was of Dixie triumphantly holding the spoon by the handle and dragging it between her legs like prey she had taken down.

She felt like she had really accomplished something, killing that spoon with the leftover banana pudding that clung to it.

Mojo thinks my fascination with the little twerp is unexplainable.

Dixie has graduated to sleeping with us, if you can call what she does sleeping. It involves crashing like a dead cat from about 10PM to about 1:30AM, at which time everyone should get up and have a good romp and a potty break and maybe a snack before we all pile back into bed and crash like dead cats until about 5AM when we have another round of festivities. Since I don't sleep well anyway, it hasn't bothered me all that much and she is beginning to show signs of adjusting to our schedule. By next week I hope we are all realigned with the new sleeping arrangements.

In other news, the plumbers arrived yesterday and pronounced that my garbage disposal was only ill, not dying. What I had feared would be an expensive and time consuming repair was over and done with in 10 minutes and the rest of what I had on the list was taken care of within the hour. Nice to get everything (especially the dishwasher) running again and for less money than I had anticipated it would take. And since I didn't want outsiders, even plumbers, seeing the horrible state of the house, I had picked up, swept, mopped and scrubbed out tubs in anticipation and now I can sit around the remainder of my vacation and not feel like there is something else I should be doing.

'Cuz I really enjoy sitting around watching Dixie cook up new ways to make me laugh.


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LKP said...

Nope,just reading about her and getting new pictures is keeping us entertained too! Keep those Dixie update coming.