Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wondering if it Was Worth It

Dixie had her doubts this afternoon. Between the gastrointestinal issues she has at the moment with the de-worming meds and the switch to a real diet and the dirt she had collected in her long fur, she was a filthy, dirty mess when I got home this afternoon. I gritted my teeth and did something I've never done before in my life. I gave a cat a good soaking bath in the sink, rinsing her about 5 times before the water was running clear. I thought she looked pitiful before, but wet she looks like a skinny, drowned rat.

The bath produced a bad case of shivers, so we went out on the deck and let her dry out in the warm sun. She thought she had gotten hold of a crazy person. Practically drowned her and then nearly froze her. When we came in, she took a long nap in my lap, cuddled against my arm and purring like mad.

This is what we look like clean.

Dixie said she didn't know the price she was going to have to pay to move from the country to the city. However, the food is good, so maybe she will stick it out.

(Boo is coming round slowly. Still no signs of yielding from Scout.)


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