Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sometimes It Takes Awhile

Many years ago, probably 12-15 of them, Mother and I used to hit a little antiques store in Georgetown on a regular basis. It is, unfortunately, no longer there and hasn't been for some time now. One day we happened on it while they were having a "yard sale" and one of the items was an oak doll display case at what I thought was a ridiculously low price. I figured I would be able to use it for a miniatures display of some kind.

Years passed and I could never quite get a handle on just how I would go about using it for a miniatures scene. I considered laying it on its back and creating a little town inside, which would have required that some kind of fastener be affixed. I never got around to solving that particular obstacle and the doll case eventually worked its way into the back corner of the crafts closet and held an assortment of stuffed animals that were no longer desirable in open display.

I considered at one point giving the case to a friend who actually has dolls to display, but I never could quite make up my mind to turn loose of it. I have such a weakness for golden oak and I kept thinking that one day I might come up with an idea for what use it could serve.

Earlier this week I picked up a closet shelving unit (you know, the kind meant to hold folded sweaters) with the idea that I would put it in the end of the crafts closet to hold yarn. To fit the unit into the closet, I had to move the oak doll case out of the way. I found myself again thinking there had to be something I could use it for. And the light finally dawned.

The case is about the height of an end table and it is the same color as the chest that holds my television. What if I were to place it at the end of the chest and use it to hold my "good" yarn?

I'm going to rearrange the yarn to make a more colorful display, but I think the little case has finally found its place in the house. I like having my yarn visible so that I don't forget what I have on hand, it is protected from dust and cats, and with some judicial arrangement should complement my living room color scheme.

Yes, I'm a packrat and I have a lot of stuff that probably needs to move on to other owners. But, in this case, I'm glad I didn't impulsively get rid of the case. I think it may just turn out to be a nice addition to the scenery.


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LKP said...

Ok...glad you found a use for the case. It does look nice, but there was no entry about Dixie.