Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quick Dixie Update

Today marks the one week anniversary of Dixie's arrival in our lives. She's come quite a way in 7 short days. From being so weak she could barely walk without falling over, she now races her way up and down the staircase like she's lived here forever. She is on speaking terms with Boo and Scout. She has become quite an expert at finding me in the house to tell me it's time for her next meal. She's still suffering from upset tummy syndrome, but I'm seeing a slight improvement in that department. Maybe by the end of another week she will have that under control.

Dixie is a motor mouth and she likes to visit with all the inhabitants of the house, talking their ears off. She's begun to take long, deep cat naps that are doing wonders for her. During her waking hours, she keeps a close watch on everything I do.

Dixie is a people cat, no doubt about it. I think in another few weeks, we won't know how we managed to run the house without her.


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