Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Gal Friday

I'm in the midst of a genealogy refiling project. Hence the notebooks and file totes. Everyone needs a good secretary to help out when you have embarked on a paper intensive project. Dixie stands ready, willing and able.

And she keeps a running commentary on how inefficiently things have been run prior to her arrival.

She makes a pretty good paper shredder, too. Of course, it would be nice if she would check and see if I actually wanted it shredded.



Anonymous said...

Have you spiked the kitty's milk? She looks kinda drunk!

LKP said...

Mother is the one who thinks you may have spiked kitty's milk. She hit the wrong button to include her name. Belicia checks everyday for new kitty pictures and Sergio checks for new fat squirrel pictures. Maybe you should look into a new career in animal photography.

LSW said...

I thought that was David on that comment. I've been really lucky to get some of the shots I've gotten. I think the squirrels know what I'm doing and pose. Maybe I'll get some more pix while I'm off this week. LSW