Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Pouty Face

Who knew? Mr. Boo cat has a jealous streak. This is the face of a cat who has had his world turned on edge.

I've always known that Boo and Scout are fond of me, but they aren't overly demonstrative about it. Once or twice a day they each come around and talk to me and get their recommended daily requirement of head patting, but for the most part they are independent and involved in their own interests. Typical teenagers. Ready to take every handout, but unwilling to take on any adult responsibility for the smooth operation of the household.

Well. Dixie's arrival has put some teenaged cat noses decidedly out of joint. So far their interaction with her has been long distance hissing and growling. Once in awhile Boo will sneak up to her little backside and give an inquiring sniff, at which Dixie turns around to see what's going on and Boo retreats with more cat cursing.

But the funny part is his sudden clingyness. If I call "kitty, kitty" to locate Dixie or to call her to her food bowl, here comes Boo running and eager to fulfill whatever kitty requirements I have. This is the same cat that two days ago would put his nose in the air and walk the opposite direction when I called. If I sit down at my desk (and Dixie is in the other room with Coco), here comes Boo, talking and purring and rubbing his head on my leg. "Gee, Mommy, I love you soooo much!" Uh-huh. I dug out some of his old cat toys for the baby and he decided if Mommy wants to play with the kitty toys, he would be happy to oblige. Oy.

I'm a good cat Mommy. I'm making sure he gets the reassurances he is after right now. He's still top cat of the household (so far as he's concerned). His curiousity about the newcomer will, I think, eventually get the best of him.

Scout, on the other hand, may be a harder sell. She's spending a lot of time under the bed right now.


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Bettye said...

Very similar to the behaviors of my two original kids when the baby started showing up every day.