Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dixie Story, Day 4

This is turning into the Dixie Blog.

We are continuing to make progress. Boo and Scout have stopped hissing. They still don't want to be sociable, but they are hanging around keeping an eye on what Dixie does. I think in another week or so, they will all be pals. Boo is asserting his right to come investigate Dixie's food and take it, if he so chooses. I figure it's the least I can do to salvage his dignity. (She was finished anyway.)

I had to go to Petsmart to pick up some litter pan supplies today and found some tiny little balls that Dixie has really taken to. They are soft, so she can pick them up with her claws and pitch them. I feel like it's a good sign that she's beginning to play a little.

She is beginning to protest at being left alone in the bathroom through the long day while Mommy is at work. I still don't feel like it's safe to leave her alone with the big guys. She boils out of the door when I open it, yowling for SOMETHING TO EAT!! She's beginning to catch up with her missed meals. Her little tummy is round and her purrs are loud. I have to be careful where I step, because she follows me like a little puppy.

She's smart. Day four and she is responding to her name. I think we may have us a winner.


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