Monday, June 29, 2009

Approved Vacation

This is the first morning it has sunk in on the wee ones that Mommy's schedule is different this week. First of all, we slept later by a whole hour. We ate a leisurely breakfast and watched the news, without jumping up to shower and racing around the house gathering all the stuff to go to the office.

Then I started some household chores. The older children beat a hasty retreat when they sensed that the dreaded vacuum cleaner might be coming out. But Dixie is entranced with the process of following Mom around while she picks up clutter and opens cabinet doors for supplies and creates piles of stuff to climb and examine. She has followed me faithfully, step for step.

When I sat down briefly to check the Internet for something, she climbed in my lap and settled herself for a nap. An hour following Mom and she is pooped.

We are making progress. Coco is well. Dixie's tummy is beginning to settle in to her new diet and we are having less accidents to deal with. She definitely knows her name and comes scampering in whenever I call. Boo and Scout are playing with her, mostly amiably. We've cleared a lot of the clutter that was piled around and it no longer looks like a hurricane hit.

Today we are hoping to get the housework pretty much behind us so we can play the rest of the week. Tomorrow is a genealogy day and I look forward to sifting through old records at the court house. (Yesterday was a genealogy day as well, with a trip to the Perry Castaneda Library. It was interesting to look into a new research possibility, but I can't say I was favorably impressed. I don't know where their librarians get their oddball ideas for shelving books, but there is a definite schizophrenic feeling to the place. Hard to describe. Of course it's a university library, so maybe there's an underlying intention to test the abilities of our youth to adapt to a chaotic world. It is not a place for the timid and skittish.)

Well, the sooner we tackle the housework, the sooner we can play. Dixie is just going to have to find someplace else to finish her nap.


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Bettye said...

Don't let too much housework get in your week. It will always wait. Have some funnnn!