Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ain't They Sweet?

Lately I can't seem to put two thoughts together, so just bear with me for awhile. Last night I came in, lay down on the couch and crashed for about an hour, got up and ate some leftovers I found in the fridge and lay down on the couch and crashed for another couple of hours, went to bed and crashed for good.

Mojo and Coco think this is a good thing. They are perfectly happy to pile up on the couch for a group nap.

Our latest experiment with learning to travel with Mom was conducted on Saturday morning. Mojo needed to go to the vet's for a little routine maintenance and we decided to have an adventure afterwards. I wanted to go to the McDade Cemetery for some volunteer photography and so, after we had finished our business at the vet's, we headed there.

It was still fairly cool for a June morning in Texas, but too warm for them to wait in the car while I searched for the requested grave sites. So I set their carriers on the ground under a shady tree where they had a good view of my activities. They contentedly watched me walk the cemetery grounds while a cool breeze blew through the screened sides of their carriers. We all enjoyed our little outing.

I anticipate that future cemetery expeditions will be a group activity now.



MiniKat said...

It sounds like the group outings would be more fun for you, too. :-)

dw said...

Mojo sure looks tired...are you overworking him?

LSW said...

Probably I took that photo after a walk and he was pooped.