Saturday, June 06, 2009

About Time

My cousin Amanda started something a few weeks back. She sent me some odd pieces of flatware that our grandmother had given her many years ago. Our grandmother had set about to provide each of her granddaughters (there were only the two of us at the time - Laura came along much later) a set of china and a set of flatware, purchasing piece by piece through grocery store promotions. I think both of us got a complete set of china. Mine had small scattered pink roses. I think Amanda's was also a rose pattern, but with larger flowers.

Neither of us got a complete set of flatware. When Grandma gave me the flatware she had collected for me, I had almost 6 place settings of a very nice tailored pattern. I've often wished I could find more of it because it is not only a nice, simply elegant pattern, it feels good in the hand and in the mouth.

Amanda's collection of odd pieces was a beautiful floral pattern. In her case, she had all the serving pieces and a handful of teaspoons. When she offered to send the pieces to me to add to the family archives, I was hopeful that they might be the same pattern as mine but I didn't really expect them to be and they weren't. What I did not expect was how much I would like the pattern and the feel of the pieces. Again I found myself wishing there were more pieces.

Sooooo, naturally I had to see if I could nail down the patterns and discover if there was any secondary market for these 1960s era product lines. I studied the markings, did some internet searching, and found that there was indeed some folks on EBAY with assorted pieces of "Grypsholm" (my pattern) and "Springtime" (Amanda's pattern) in their inventory.

Another collecting fever has ensued. I've already added 3 knives and a butter knife to my set and this morning I placed another order for enough pieces to complete a 9 place setting collection.

Grypsholm by Wm. Rogers

I have no doubt that I will be compelled to begin adding to the Springtime set in the near future. In fact, I have my eye on two large collections of pieces that are on the auction block as we speak.

I've been wanting to rid myself of the current "every day" stainless for some time now. By this time next week, I expect that the Grypsholm set will move into the position of daily favorite. In another couple of weeks, I may have a backup set for Sunday company.

Why do I think I faintly hear the sound of my grandmother muttering "It's about time"?


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MiniKat said...

Gorgeous flatware! I'm jealous. ;-)

I will tell my mother and sister (Queens of the Estate Sale) to keep an eye out for your pattern. One never knows what they will find. :-)