Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turquoise Moon Revisited

New minis to add to an existing dollhouse. New camera. Time to revisit my southwestern flavored store, Turquoise Moon.

It started as a plain dollhouse shell that was sitting in a now-defunct store in Fredricksburg, Texas. The trim on the front put me in mind of the stores I liked to frequent on trips to Colorado. I also had quite a nice collection of miniature pottery and southwestern minis collected on those trips west. The name of the shop I borrowed from a little place sitting on the side of the road between Montrose and Ouray, Colorado.

I wanted a store that sold everything, from fine art to Indian kitsch. I decided the good stuff would be upstairs. The room at upper left became the showroom for my pottery collection. The pots came from all over Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Some are museum quality pieces and others are just mass produced minis.

The room at upper right has some fine pottery miniatures and my two mini kachinas. A third kachina is in the cabinet because it was an ultra fine miniature with a removeable mask. Brother found that on one of his trips. He also found some mini pottery shards that I also keep in the cabinet to prevent them from disappearing in a tiny crack. The upper rooms also showcase three mini bronzes and a 1/144th scale adobe scene.

The room at lower left is the room of inexpensive tourist fare. Mexican pottery, baskets, Indian rugs and the like. If you aren't an art collector, this is the room where you might find something you could afford.

Last, but not least, is the room at lower right where you would pay for your purchases and shop for Native made jewelry. I found the squash blossom necklace minis in a shop in Santa Fe. They started life as a pair of earrings. I paid a price that was most dear at the time, but I've never regretted the purchase. What is a southwestern store without some silver and turquoise jewelry?

(Look closely at the left of the counter and you will see the tiny dog peering out from behind.)

Next to my knitting shop, Turquoise Moon, is at the top of my favorite projects. I continue to add to it as I find new items that fit its design. It contains some of my best miniatures, including some true works of art. Wish I could shop there.



MiniKat said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the collection of pottery. And the details are amazing.

Victoria said...

Boy would Victoria love to get her hands on that!