Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tea and Art Enhanced

When I saw the miniature kimono, I knew it was probably going home with me. Even though my "Tea and Art" room was completed long ago and quite full, I just felt like I would have to figure out a way to add the kimono to the scene. It would be such a nice companion to the painting of the Oriental lady in the red kimono that started the whole idea in the first place.

I was sold on the kimono even before I saw the back and the fabulous obi in the contrasting blue.

So the kimono came home with me and tonight I carefully removed the glass cover and began to rearrange. I had two other things to add to the box, so long as I was in there. I had picked up a new Buddha head, which is hard to see here, but it is sitting on the floor in front of the smaller of the glass cases.

And, if you look carefully at the floor beside the kimono, you will see a Siamese cat. I don't know why it had not occurred to me before, but the roombox was missing my signature. I always include an animal of some kind in my scenes and I had overlooked that point with this one. When I considered just what kind of animal would fit, I naturally decided it had to be a Siamese cat.

I'm not sure why I hesitated so long. The kimono was meant to come home with me.


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MiniKat said...

Absolutely lovely! That cork carving really is great. I believe the kimono has found an elegant place to reside. :-)