Monday, May 04, 2009

Nothing But the Best for My Kids

Since no one was available to come stay with the children while I was cavorting in Dallas, we tried our second round of boarding. I am pleased to say it was a complete success.

I will stop and remark here that I risked leaving the cats at home alone, since I was only to be gone one night. I had trepidations, but they did very well and not a thing was shredded or knocked over or chewed on. I almost wonder if they realized I was gone. They've taken to sitting on window sills and napping under beds. It's entirely possible they thought I was just in the other room.

Mojo and Coco spent the night at a doggie spa, rather than the vet's. This was an alternate option I decided to try this time in order to be able to pick them up late on Saturday. Boarding at the vet over the weekend is a problem, since they close at noon on Saturday and there is no way to bail the little guys out until Monday morning. I just couldn't do that to them, so we tried Collie Cottage.

Apparently we have hit on a good solution because when I took them out this morning for a last run before I went to work, they offered to get in the car and ride along. They seem to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly and even mixed happily with a labrador and a border collie without going into nervous hysterics. The facility has multiple fenced yards where dogs can be separated if necessary, there is a huge playroom where they can play with the staff, and their personal kennels are roomy and comfy. They are off leash the entire time and have the run of the facility, just as they do at home, only being secured in their kennel at night.

When I picked them up, I chatted for a few minutes with the owner. Mojo kept returning to her for head pats and nose kisses while Coco ran happily around the reception area exploring. They were happy to see me but not delirious like they had been when I picked them up at the vet's.

Yes, it may cost a little more. Sort of like the difference between a Holiday Inn Express and a Hilton. But it takes a load off my mind to know they are happy and getting loads of personal attention.

Maybe I can stop worrying about my kids when I travel and start enjoying myself without guilt.


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MiniKat said...

Glad to hear they had a happier experience this time around. :-)