Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mini Bliss

Just back from attending the Texas Miniatures Showcase 2009 in Dallas. What fun! The hotel runneth over with other mini-addicts and two large show rooms were packed with dealers who were selling unique mini-treasures you just can't find anywhere else. Well, that's not strictly true since many of the dealers have Internet websites. However, I certainly prefer to see what I'm buying up close before I plunk down my money.

And money I did plunk down. Right and left. I brought in two small sacks to show for it and only another miniaturist can understand the investment that represents. I brought home things to add to almost all my current projects and some of my long since completed projects. (Are projects ever really completed?)

I acquired cakes and sweets to add to my black and white tea room which is the current project in progress.

I acquired a 1/4-inch scale spinning wheel to add as a novelty display in my 1-inch scale knitting shop.

I acquired a cowhide chair, a pair of Talaveras candlesticks and an Indian basket to add to the Southwestern store.

I acquired a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, an oil drum and a still to add to the M*A*S*H mini Swamp I am planning as my next project.

I acquired a Mexican pottery bowl and a pinata for the Mexican Restaurant that is also a current project in progress.

I acquired some landscaping items for the cemetery box, which will soon hit the work table.

I acquired a fancy fireplace for "Inn the Pink", my Bed & Breakfast project.

I acquired some booty and swords for the Pirate ship.

I acquired a line of wash for a washroom project I have in mind.

I acquired a kit for a dollhouse sized terrarium that I have no idea where it will find a home, but I needed that terrarium and the kit was much less expensive than the completed ones they had for sale.

I acquired a couple of cats and a chihuahua.

I acquired a lovely kimono to add to the Oriental art vignette.

And last, but not least, I picked up two and a half years worth of old Nutshell News magazines that predate my several years' worth of issues from the 1970s and 1980s.

Oh, yes, I acquired photos:

My newly acquired stash

An outstanding dollhouse on display that is hard to believe.
It is a mini mansion and contains $5,000 worth of custom stained glass.

The floors are inlaid wood and the curved staircase is to die for.
There is a greenhouse on the top floor with leaded window skylights.
Another dealer had room boxes full of great detail.
I was particularly taken with the Mad Scientist's laboratory.

And I loved the old garage.

This is an event that is great fun for those of us who think tiny. We have been unable to attend the last couple of years because it usually clashes with a family reunion I refuse to miss. The reunion was shifted to a different date this year, so we hustled ourselves to Dallas and drowned our senses with inspiration from the work of true mini artisans who are so talented they almost make you feel like you yourself are all thumbs.

We were delighted to hear that next year's Showcase will be held on a later weekend in May and we will be able to attend again. Can't wait. I will be pooling all loose change beginning today in anticipation.



MiniKat said...

Wow you got some wonderful treasures! I really like the chair.

Have you ever considered posting more about your minis?

LSW said...

I do hope to be posting more about my minis soon. For the last several years I've had to put dollhouses on the back burner. Too many family obligations on my plate. Things are calming down now and I intend to get some mini-time back into my schedule. This trip has inspired me to put other things on the back burner in June and get the Mexican restaurant and the tea room finished.

After that, there's the M*A*S*H vignette, the museum, the cemetery, the sea shells shop, the book store, and several vignettes that are bubbling in the back of my mind wanting to see some action!


MiniKat said...

If you ever need more inspiration, there are about 160 miniature related blogs that I know of on blogger. I'm certain there are many more. ;-)

This one is an archive of mini blogs, websites, and artisans.

If you have a chance, have a nose through it. :-)