Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It Was Worth It

With all the traveling of the last two weekends, the diet went out the window. There is no way you can diet when you are at a family reunion, not to mention that when you are on a long road trip, you eat when and where it is convenient or where nature demands a rest stop. Most normal folks aren't considering their carb intake when they are traveling.

So, I didn't either. I indulged in a hamburger, quesadillas, corn chowder with bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches (at my aunt's house and boy was it good), potato salad and a small plate with several samples of homemade desserts.

But the absolute best and worst of my trangressions? One of the cousins gave me a buttermilk pie to take home. I've not had a buttermilk pie in many years and I just couldn't say no.

I had good intentions. One slice was what I would allow myself and then I would take the rest of the pie to work.

Oh, my goodness. I had forgotten how wonderful buttermilk pie tastes and this one was one of the good ones. When I was growing up, Daddy was always the buttermilk pie maker at our house while I was the acknowledged expert in the apple pie department. We stuck to our specialties, so I never mastered the technique for buttermilk pie.

No way was I going to deny myself this rare treat, so I have had a slice of buttermilk pie for breakfast every morning this week. I have savored every fork full and I've had not one twinge of regret.

If you know me at all, you know I am under a crushing work load at the moment. It happens every May and I am an exhausted shadow of myself by the time the end of the month arrives. Two weekend trips back to back has contributed to my general state of exhaustion (although I would not have missed either of them). I've decided to ease up on myself until May is over and hit the diet wagon again on June 1st.

Buttermilk pie is so worth a diet hiatus.


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Bettye said...

You obviously have enjoyed the last two weekends to the fullest. I am so glad you are able to get out and go again.