Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rich Golden Butter

Still on the subject of miniatures, from time to time I find great little pieces to add to a kitchen vignette that is to be constructed inside a wooden breadbox. I have been fortunate to find some really outstanding pieces by talented artists and I'm getting close to putting the whole thing together and finalizing the project.

The trip to Dallas netted me another great addition to the project. If you are a miniaturist, you undoubtedly know about Judee Williamson and her business partner Nicole Walton Marble. Judee is the authority on dressing beds and Nicole works magic with wood. I had no idea that I would be able to afford to add one of their pieces to my collection, but when I passed their booth, I spotted a little butter mold. It reminded me of the full-sized antique butter mold in my own kitchen and it reminded me of my grandmother who made butter and sold it to the local grocery when I was a little girl.

I wavered. I wavered until the lady (who turned out to be Nicole herself) remarked that it was the last one she had. I broke a record pulling the cash from my pocket and the little butter mold came home to take its place in the kitchen project, which I hope to be able to present here soon.

Marvelous piece of work.


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MiniKat said...

It's exquisite! Lucky you! :-)