Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I've Become Sophia

It hit me this morning. You remember the Sophia Petrillo character from the television show The Golden Girls? I think I've become that little old lady.

A few weeks ago I started keeping my cell phone at little more at hand because a lot more essential places and people now have that number as the primary contact number for me. Its normal place of residence is a perfectly sized pocket in my purse and, since I generally don't have pockets and if I leave it out on the counter I forget where it is, when I head upstairs or downstairs for long stretches of time, I just grab my purse and haul it with me.

This morning I had just put on my chenille robe and was headed downstairs to start my day of working at home. I grabbed the purse on the way down and it was then that I realized the picture I was making. A middle-aged woman in a chenille bathrobe and clutching my purse when I had no intention of leaving the house.

I think this last birthday may have marked my official descent into geezerdom.



Bettye said...

Welcome to The Club! When Lisa makes it too I won't be getting all of those put downs. BKP

RMG said...

Mom says it isn't so bad...

LSW said...

Ooh, you better watch out. I just might tell her what you said!