Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Can SEE Myself

Sometimes you just have to do things the right way. Big Red has been Big Dingy lately and it was the kind of ground in grime you have to deal with by hand washing. Since it was a beautiful afternoon, I decided to get the job done today. It really wasn't that hard a job since Big Red is considerably smaller than my last few vehicles and it really was worth the effort.

I had lots of help from the wee ones, who watched from the comparative safety of the garage. They don't trust Mom to resist the temptation to splash puppies with the water hose. Since I usually do the car washing at a commercial car wash with high-power water options, this was the first time they had witnessed such insanity and they were somewhat perplexed about the whole thing. After I had finished and I hooked them to their leashes for their afternoon walk, Coco had to go investigate by rearing up on the bumper and giving it a good sniff. She still had no idea what the whole point had been, but if Mom wanted to do it, she would stand by her right to do so.

Coco nearly gave me a heart attack this morning. This was my day for working at home this week and they were beside themselves with joy when they realized it. As we headed down the staircase to the office, they were frisking on the stairs and Coco lost her balance about half-way down. She rolled, butt over teakettle, bouncing down the stairs until she hit the tile at the bottom with a thump. I had visions of a broken back or neck or at the very least a dislocated leg. She was a bit dazed for a few seconds, but I think it was the shock of it. There seems to have been no damage done. Except for my nerves, which took a beating. Hell of a way to start the day.

In other news, I finally lost the Carol Brady look I had going the last couple of weeks. I was sadly in need of a trip to the hairdresser for more reasons than one, but the primary issue was a hideous shag effect that had developed on my neck. The shag is gone, the color revived and I look a little less like a middle-aged matron now. One really should have a rejuvenating trip to the salon before one's birthday. It just might help reduce the shock.



Bettye said...

Is there a hairdresser alive that can perform somekind of miracle on a person facing 73? BKP

MiniKat said...

Gracious! Tell Coco she's not to pull a stunt like that again! Poor puppy and poor Mom! :-( Very glad she's ok!

Big Red does look great! :-)

RMG said...

Your car is lacking something.... cat tracks! You need cat tracks!

LSW said...

It HAD cat tracks. Part of the reason I needed to wash it. Now, will you explain to me how cats can leave muddy paw prints on a car when they only have access to it in the garage and they never go outside themselves?

RMG said...

They import it. Artists must have quality supplies.

RMG said...

"NEVER GO OUTSIDE THEMSELVES..." Shows how little you know about the secret life of cats.