Wednesday, April 08, 2009

He's Back

There is a price you pay for living in the suburbs - like 110 mile round trip commutes to work - but I love living in the country. And today was one of those times I recognize why I do.

We were just talking this past weekend about the fact I had not yet seen the resident roadrunners this spring. Today when I got back home from a quick shopping trip, I stepped out of the car and this guy was standing in the neighbor's yard watching me.

I talk to all the animals, so I just naturally opened the conversation with "where have you been?" He cocked his head and moved toward me. I kept jabbering at him, while keeping perfectly still, and he kept coming. I was wishing the camera was a little more accessible, because I knew as soon as I reached back in the car, he would head the opposite direction.

While I love birds, I don't like being too terribly close to them. He just kept coming and, I kid you not, was within 4 feet of me and still coming when I spooked and moved. He gave me a disgusted look and headed off. I reached in the car, grabbed the camera and followed him, trying to apologize and get him to come back.

He was having none of it. I had my chance to get up close and personal and I blew it.



MiniKat said...

He's a handsome one.

David said...

If you want to help Coco catch him, I think there's a company named "ACME" or something that has useful tools....