Monday, April 27, 2009

Finest Kind

Little boy turns 4 years old today. Happy birthday, Mojo!

He had a full day on Sunday, supervising Mom and running squirrels off the property. He was one tired little dog at bed time and inclined to be very grumpy. But early on, he was full of the thrill of the squirrel chase.

This is also the 4th anniversary of the loss of Bebop. I feel like Mojo was sent especially to help mend my broken heart. He's done a very good job .

In other news, the mystery of the missing stapler has been solved. I know there are readers out there who think I pick on the cats, but it would appear that this devilment was the work of Scout. She's the one who wanders endlessly around the desktop, meddling in what I'm doing and what I've left sitting out vulnerable. It had been pushed off the back corner of the desk and ended up buried in computer cables. I do not accuse without good reason.



Bettye said...

Happy Birthday to one cool dude!BKP

RMG said...

That was just a subtle hint to spend less time worrying about staplers and worship the cat!