Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cut and Paste

What is more satisfying than wielding scissors and paper and sticky stuff? I've had fun all day today, working on a display board for the upcoming family reunion.

It's not the display board I had planned to make. I attended a family reunion last year where there was a memorial display board, with obituaries and photos of the family members who were no longer with us. That was the display board I intended to make, but it wasn't long before I realized that I had started too late for that one to happen this year. I was missing too many photos and too many obituaries to do a complete job. Maybe next year.

So I changed my direction and started to work on a board that will display the family group sheets for the 3 earliest generations I have confirmed, which takes us to the grandparents level of our oldest living generation. A generous display of photos and quotations about family will be included. I am in the arranging phase of things and I'm making a lot of progress, primarly because the heathen cats have not yet caught on to what I'm doing. I fully expect that the whole thing may hit the floor before nightfall and I'll have bits and pieces flying every which way.

What I'm not getting done is the annual newsletter for the reunion. As usual, I'm going to end up writing like mad at the last minute and desperately trying to get the thing finished in time. I never learn.


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Bettye said...

You used to complain that the housekeeper got into everything, now the poor kitties get blamed for everything. BKP