Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unexpected Vacation Bonus

I will be posting later on with news of my visit to the Western Museum of Art, but first I must share an unexpected mini-gift. A couple of months ago I was filing records in my family notebooks and re-read the death certificate for Mary Frances Huddleston Hodge, my great-great grandmother. I had asked cousin Ray Burch several years ago if he knew where she was buried in California and he was unable to tell me. In his defense, he was almost 90 years old at the time and she had died back in 1951, so I can understand how that detail might have slipped his mind along the way.

In reviewing the death certificate, I was reminded that she was supposed to have been buried in San Bernardino at Montecito Memorial Park. Back when I first gathered that information, there was no FindaGrave website. This time I decided to create a memorial for her in that cemetery and then request a photo from the FindaGrave volunteer network. I really did not expect to get a response, because the cemetery had more than 1500 entries and several outstanding photo requests that were months old.

Today when I got back to the hotel and checked my email, there was the notification that my request had been fulfilled. To see the memorial for Mary Frances, click on the photo below:

Mary Frances Huddleston Hodge

Now I have to get busy and find out where I might find her daughter Rosa's grave.


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